Manuel Moreno and his partner Sara Bertani make cider in the Sierra Nevada National Park, 2000 metres above sea level. Working conditions can be challenging here, but this cold mountain climate as well as their bright, acidic indigenous apples give their ciders a unique freshness & acidity. The majority of their apples are grown within the borders of the national park where no machinery is permitted, so all harvesting is done by hand, and transportation of apples back to the cellar is done by horse.


The Ancestral is a Pet Nat style cider. After a meticulous control process where any defects are removed  - to maintain purity & freshness - the apples are crushed and the juice is fermented in stainless steel. It is then bottled before the fermentation is finished for natural carbonation.

Fuente Guijarro - Ancestral 2018

  • Name Ancestral
    Producer Fuente Guijarro
    Style Sparkling Cider (Pet Nat)
    Country Spain
    Region Sierra Nevada
    Vintage 2018
    Varieties 7 different local varieties
    ABV %  
    Production Not certified. Natural. Unfined. Unfiltered. Unpasteurised. Vegan. Naturally sparkling.
    Tasting notes Fresh + Quaffable + Mineral