This cheese is made by David Jowett on Manor farm in Chedworth, Gloucestershire, using single herd, organic cow's milk collected from the milking parlour each morning. The farm follows regenerative farming practices, using diverse herbal lays as an integral part of it’s system, and focusing on soil’s structure and health, and the farm’s biodiversity.


Ashcombe is inspired by the French classic Morbier, with a line of ash running through its centre. It's smooth & supple, with a milky & nutty paste and a savoury, sticky rind.


  • Name Ashcombe
    Producer King Stone Dairy
    Region Chedworth, Gloucestershire, UK
    Style Semi - soft, washed rind cheese
    Milk Pasteurised cows milk
    Rennet Traditional animal rennet
    Additional Contains wood ash & Lysozyme (EGG)
    Tasting notes Milky + Nutty + Smooth
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