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A new cider that only we get to stock - exciting times!


Alex Hill makes a true orchard blend each year from his small home orchard in the Blackdown Hills of East Devon.  Each years vintage varies showing the biennial nature of the orchard and giving a true sense of terroir to his ciders - that aspect of a specific time and place. 2018 is the first year where the cider has been solely fermented with natural yeasts for primary fermentation (champgane yeast is still used on the secondary) rather than cofermented with pitched yeasts.  We feel really lucky that we have been offered the opportunity to showcase this wonderful local cider! 

Bollhayes 2018


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  • Name Bollhayes 2018
    Producer Bollhayes Cider
    Style Champagne Method Cider
    Country UK
    Region Devon (Blackdown HIlls)
    Vintage 2018
    Varieties Kingston Black, Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey, Somerset Redstreak, Bramley and others unknown in name but valued for their particular taste
    ABV % 7.6
    SO2 Minimal at bottling
    Production Sparkling. Natural (primary fermentation). Vegan.  Unfined.
    Tasting notes Bone Dry + Dense + Intriguing
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