Côme Isambert is a micro-negociant, based in Saumur in the Loire, making wine & ciders from a range of fruits depending on what he has access to at the time. In very limited quantities, he often experiments and sometimes blends fruit in unexpected ways, always with delicious results.


For this year’s Lotto Fruit he macerated raspberries & strawberries in pear juice for a couple of weeks before removing them and then fermenting in tank. This is brilliant - dry and refreshing, tastes like a lambic beer, with tart fruit notes and tannins that give structure and makes you go back for more. 

Côme Isambert - Lotto Fruits 2019

  • Name Lotto Fruits
    Producer Côme Isambert
    Style Pet Nat Sparkling fruit blend
    Country France
    Region Cellar - Saumur, Loire. Orchard - Normandy.
    Vintage 2019
    Varieties Pear, Raspberry & Strawberry
    ABV % 7
    SO2 None added
    Production Naturally sparkling. No additives, fining or filtering. Vegan.
    Tasting notes Dry + Refreshing + Tart Fruit