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Approx. 100 - 150g/cheese. Cheeses subject to availability.

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    Current selection:

    HAFOD - A rich, buttery & nutty cheddar from Wales. Raw cow's milk, animal rennet.

    GORWYDD CAERPHILLY - Traditional Welch style cheese made in Somerset- fresh & tangy in the middle but with more mushroomy, earthy flavours on the rind. Raw cow’s milk, animal rennet.

    APPLEBY'S CHESHIRE - Traditional crumbly hard cheese with a distinct tang & mineral flavour. Raw cows milk, animal rennet.

    STICHELTON - Traditional Stilton style but made with raw milk. Creamy and rich, with biscuity notes towards the rind. Raw cow's milk, animal rennet.

    BARON BIGOD - Brie style soft cheese made in Suffolk. Raw cow's milk, animal rennet.

    TOR - An ash-coated goats cheese shaped like a pyramid. Made in Somerset - it’s tangy with subtle breakdown under the rind. Raw goat’s milk, vegetarian rennet.



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