Three Calabrian friends, Antonello, Dino and Emilio, heard about a small vineyard named Chora, owned by an elderly widow, that had been neglected and lying fallow for 20 years. They made an offer and L’Acino was born. They were able to farm organically from the outset as the land had been untouched for so long, and many of their vines are more than 50 years old and planted on original rootstock, phylloxera being unable to survive on this volcanic Calabrian soil.


L’Acino now manages just under 14 hectares of vines, all varietals that have been used in the area for generations. As an added homage to past Calabrian production, Dino has bought Chestnut barrels into the cellar. He is also working to replace oak with Mulberry barrels that are traditionaly used in the area.

L'Acino - Chora Rosso 2019

  • Name Chora Rosso
    Producer L'Acino
    Style Red
    Country Italy
    Region Calabria
    Vintage 2019
    Grape Magliocco
    ABV %  
    SO2 None added.
    Production Natural. Organic. Unfined. Unfiltered. Vegan.
    Tasting notes Fresh + Rich + Bright