This beautiful cheese, wrapped and aged in nettle leaves, was recreated from an old 17th century recipe and is made near Truro in Cornwall. The nettles are foraged from the local hedgerows each spring and frozen so they can be used throughout the year. The leaves, which attract naturally occurring moulds, are brushed onto the cheese, and as the cheese matures, the edible wrap adds a subtle earthy taste and helps develop the bloomy rind & breakdown underneath. The taste is fresh & tangy, with a buttery paste that is crumbly in the middle.


The milk comes from the dairy's own herd of Ayrshire cows that are pasture fed for most of the year, feeding an rye grasses and clover to help regenerate the soil. Pesticides are never used on the farm.

Cornish Yarg

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  • Name Cornish Yarg
    Producer Lynher Dairies
    Region Ponsanooth, Cornwall
    Style Semi-hard cheese
    Milk Pasteurised cow's milk
    Rennet Vegetarian Rennet
    Tasting notes Crumbly + Tangy + Buttery
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