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This beautiful small soft cheese is based on the French cheese Langres, and is similarly washed to achieve a pinky-orange hue and complex funky & savoury flavours on the rind. The core meanwhile is fresh & buttery.


Australian-born David Holton met Tim Jarvis while working at Neals Yard Dairy in London. They started making cheese together in London but have since moved production out to Commonwork Organic Farm in Kent in order to be close to their milk source. The name of the cheese refers to a poor young man from Leicestershire - Edmund Tew - who was convicted of stealing cheese in the 1800s and sentenced to seven years in Australia.

Edmund Tew

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  • Name Edmund Tew
    Producer David Holton and Tim Jarvis (on Commonwork Organic Farm)
    Region Chiddingstone, Kent, England
    Style Washed rind soft cheese
    Size Aprox. 150g
    Milk Raw cow's milk
    Rennet Traditional animal rennet
    Tasting notes Buttery + Funky + Savoury
  • Local delivery is available in the Exeter area but please note we cannot currently ship cheese across the UK.

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