A siThe Emeral Necklace is the name of the high elevation land encircling the southern ends of New York's deep, glacially carved lakes, with a network of publicly owned land where forest-edge succession dominates the landscape and wild apple seedlings thrive. The apples in this sparkling cider were foraged on the hills and hollows of this place, and allowed to fermentwith their own wild yeast. Before the fermentation finishes, we bottled it to capture a gentle spritz, Pet Nat style.


Eve's Cidery is a small family farm in the hills of Van Etten in upstate New York, USA. They make naturally fermented ciders from their own organically grown fruit as well as wild-foraged apples & pears. They work in tune with the bi-annual nature of the orchards - with over 50 varieties of apples - and each vintage brings something different. Ciders range from Traditional Method sparklings to still & dry ciders with structure & acidity that work well as an aperitif or on the dinner table.

Eve's Cidery - Emerald Necklace 2020

  • Name Emerald Necklace
    Producer Eve's Cidery
    Style Sparkling Cider (Pet Nat)
    Country USA
    Region Van Etten, NY State
    Vintage 2020
    Varieties 100% Wild foraged apples
    ABV % 8
    Production Organic fruit. Use biodynamic principles. Natural fermentation. Naturally sparkling (Pet Nat). Unfined, Unfiltered, Vegan.
    Tasting notes Tropical + Grapefruit pith