Cafetos micro mill processes coffee for other local farms as well as their own farm Bethania. The farm belonged to Martha and Ana's Farther before the political strife forced his family to leave the country. In 2007 the sisters returned to run the farm themselves - they’ve been improving quality every year since then.


Maracatura is a hybrid varietal with praised cup characteristics and high yields, given the quality. This makes it an ideal choice for growers who want to improve quality without risking their crops.

Finca Bethania coffee beans

  • Farm Finca Bethania
    Mill Cafetos de segovia
    Origin Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua
    Varietal Maracatura
    Processing Natural
    Roaster Yallah Coffee
    Roasting profile Medium roast
    Tasting notes Strawberry + Cream
    Packet details 250g whole beans
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