This is a blend of traditional Devon apple varieties from Rewe orchard in Huxham, saved and cared for by the Carter family almost a hundred years ago when acres of the orchards around it were torn out. A year long primary fermentation was followed by a year long secondary fermentation & maturation with champagne yeast in the bottle. The result is an elegant & unique sparkling cider dominated by wet-stone minerality.


Polly Hilton set up Find & Foster to revive neglected traditional apple orchards in Devon, helping preserve wildlife & biodiversity, and to protect old local apple varieties from extinction. Her ciders are a true expression of these unique varietals and the terroir in these orchards.

Find & Foster - Carter 2018

  • Name Methode Traditionelle - Carter
    Producer Find & Foster
    Style Champagne Method Cider
    Country UK
    Region Huxham, Devon
    Vintage 2018
    Varieties Blend of an array of unusual varieties such as Devonshire Quarrendon, American mother, Ellison's Orange & Cornish Pine
    ABV % 8
    SO2 40ppm added
    Production Natural primary fermentation. Secondary sparked with champagne yeast. Unpasteurised & Unfiltered. Vegan. Bentonite is used to aid in riddling & disgorging process. Sugar dosage after disgorging
    Tasting notes Mineral + Saline + Pear
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