Hafod cheddar is made on the Holden family farm in Ceredigion, Wales. The cheese is based on a recipe from the classic manual Practical Cheddar Cheese-making, written in 1917, but changes have been made over time. Cheddar cheeses are traditionally cloth-bound for example, but Hafod is nowaday aged to form a natural rind instead, allowing for a slower breakdown and a firmer cheese. Made with raw milk and tasting great right now - rich, smooth & buttery


The farm is certified organic, owned by Patrick Holden who was previously the head of the Soil Association.  He is the founder and head of the Sustainable Food Trust, and a prominent campaigner for sustainable & regenerative food systems. On their own farm the Holden family have worked towards being completely self -sustaining over time, and today almost 100 % of the herd's diet is grown on the farm's land, as is the straw for the indoor bedding. (The cows are pasture fed throughout the summer and fed on hay through the winter)


  • Name Hafod
    Producer Holden Farm Dairy
    Region Ceredigion, Wales
    Style Hard cheese
    Milk Raw cow's milk
    Rennet Traditional animal rennet
    Tasting notes Smooth + Buttery + Nutty