The Reade family make cheese on Scriob Ruadh farm on the Isle of Mull, having moved here from Somerset in 1982. The farm uses its own sustainable sources to produce the energy it needs: wind, wood, and an on-site hydroelectric power plant. Conditions here can be challenging - the cows feed on diverse pasture during the summer, but the damp and cold climate means supplementary food is necessary. Apart from hay, the cows also feed on fermented grain from a nearby distillery, adding to the deep flavour of the cheese! This cheddar is cloth bound and matured for 18 months. Flavours range from brothy & savoury to sweet, with distinct boozy undertones.

Isle of Mull cheddar

  • Name Isle of Mull Cheddar
    Producer Isle of Mull Cheese (the Reade family)
    Region Isle of Mull, Scotland
    Style Cloth-bound hard cheese
    Milk Raw cow's milk
    Rennet Animal rennet
    Tasting notes Rich + Savoury + Boozy