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The Keen family has been making Cheddar cheese at Moorhayes Farm in Somerset since 1898. James Keen is the fifth generation of Keens to be making traditional farmhouse Cheddar – once commonplace in Somerset, now something of a rare breed thanks to the centralisation of cheese-making in the years following World War II. In accordance with tradition, the cheese is made using a 'pint' starter (as opposed to the powders favoured by industrial cheesemakers) and the time-consuming process of 'cheddaring', the cutting, stacking and turning of the curds by hand to drain the whey away. Each wheel is wrapped in muslin cloth and rubbed with lard before being stowed on the wooden shelves of the cellar for a minimum of 11 months, during which time they are carefully tended and turned.


This is a lovely batch of Keen's! Rich & juicy with just a bit of a mustardy twang and great balance of flavour.

Keen's Cheddar

  • Name Keen's Cheddar
    Producer James Keen, Moorhayes Farm
    Region Wincanton, Somerset
    Style cloth-bound hard cheese
    Milk Raw cow's milk
    Rennet Animal rennet, cloth bound with lard
    Tasting notes  Rich + Juicy + Mustardy
  • Local delivery is available in the Exeter area but please note we cannot currently ship cheese across the UK.

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