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The ultimate selection - Some of our absolute favourites. These are all real farmhouse cheeses from across the UK, handmade using raw milk and traditional methods. 5 cheeses - at least 1kg total.


Lincolnshire Poacher (Approx. 200g)- This is the invention of dairy farmer Simon Jones. We love this cheese! A cross between a traditional West Country cheddar and a continental alpine cheese such as a comte, it's both fruity, savoury and nutty.


Mature Sparkenhoe (Approx 200g) - David and Jo Clarke brought traditional farmhouse Red Leicester back from extinction in 2005. It is clothbound with lard & matured for 6 months traditionally. This version is matured for a further 12 months, developing deep caramel & umami flavours


Stichelton (Approx. 200g)- Made to a traditional Stilton recipe, only using raw milk instead, the way Stilton used to be made. Cheese maker Joe Schneider is passionate about making cheese this way, which adds a complexity of flavour. Creamy and rich, with biscuity notes towards the rind.


Baby Baron Bigod - (Whole cheese - approx. 250g) Made at Fen Farm in Suffolk using raw milk from their herd of Montebeliarde cows, to a traditional Brie de Meaux recipe. When perfectly ripe it is silky & smooth with characteristic earthy & mushroomy flavours. This small version of the cheese will look great on a cheese board!

Photo by Neal's Yard Dairy


Elrick Log (Whole cheese - approx. 180g) This cheese is made by Selina Errington in Lanark, Scotland. Made with raw milk from her mixed herd of sheep using a French recipe, it is ash-coated and then matured to form a wrinkly natural rind. Fresh & bright with lemony & herbacious flavours and a moussey - creamy texture.


Sheridans brown bread crackers (optional) - Made simply with four ingredients from small producers sourced locally to Sheridan's bakery in County Cork. The use of buttermilk gives it that distinctive Irish Brown Bread taste.



Large Cheese Selection - Christmas pre-order

Choose an option
  • Lincolnshire Poacher
    Alford, Lincolnshire
    Hard cheese
    Raw cows milk
    Traditional animal rennet
    Smooth + Savoury + Nutty
    Sparkenhoe Mature
    Nuneaton, Warwickshire
    Aged Hard Cheese
    Raw cows milk
    Traditional animal rennet, clothbound with lard
    Caramel + Nutty + Umami
    Cuckney, Nottinghamshire
    Blue cheese
    Raw cows milk
    Traditional animal rennet
    Rich + Complex + Biscuity
    Baron Bigod
    Bungay, Suffolk
    Brie style soft cheese
    Raw cow's milk
    Traditional animal rennet
    Silky + Mushroomy + Earthy
    Elrick Log
    Lanark, Scotland
    Ash coated soft cheese
    Raw goat's milk
    Traditional animal rennet
    Bright + Lemony + Herbacious
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