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Having trained as a lawyer Valentin felt the pull to return to his family domain, taking over in 2014 and implementing a more natural approach in the vineyards and cellar. He deeply believes that manual work (and in that the whole idea of a farmer) has been tremendously undervalued in the past, as academia and intangible work has become the new 'elite' work. To him, working his soil is as much of an intellectual process as is being a lawyer, and in that he is fighting for a political change in his region that sees small farmers take more control over their fields and farms.


This wine is a direct press 100% Savignin (a local Jura variety) from 40 year old vines, aged in old oak demi-muid (500L). The Ouille process (topping up the barrels to prevent oxidation) is in contrast to the traditional Jura styles but more aligned to the styles of Overnoy-Houillon that have made Jura THE most hyped area for natural wines.

Les Pieds sur Terre - Cotes du Jura "Savignin Ouille" 2018


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  • Name

    Côte Du Jura - Savignin Ouille



    Les Pieds sur Terre


    WHITE (Dry)








    AOC Cotes du Jura








    ABV %





    None added



    Organic.  Unfiltered. Unfined. Natural fermentation. Vegan.  Barrel-aged.




    Mineral + Spice + Refined

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