José Miguel Márquez has 6 hectares of vines in the Montilla region of Córdoba, famous almost exclusively for producing sherry. José Miguel breaks traditon in more ways than one and makes a wide range of other wines that display the richness of this region.  


The wind from the sea affects the climate here, despite it being over 2 hours drive away from the Atlantic coast. This is a sizzlingly hot and dry area, but despite this José Miguel does not irrigate and is a firm believer in not working the land, instead he leaves grass and herbs to grow between the vines, maintaining the health of the soil and encouraging the roots to dig deeper, becoming drought tolerant and more resilient.


Mediacapa is a dry Pedro Ximénez - rich in texture with notes of dried fruits, spices & nuts, but with an intense freshness too, like the salty Atlantic breeze!

Mediacapa 2017

  • Name Mediacapa
    Producer Marenas
    Style White (Dry)
    Country Spain
    Region Montilla, Córdoba
    Vintage 2017
    Grape Pedro Ximénez
    ABV % 13.5
    SO2 None added.
    Production Not certified. Unfined. Unfiltered. Natural. Vegan
    Tasting notes Rich + Spiced + Fruitcake
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