The Durrmann family make wine from their old family house in Andlau, Alsace. In addition to vines they also grow fruit trees and keep sheep, focusing on ecological diversity and preserving soil health. They firmly beleive that the quality of the wine is reflected by the work in the vineyard - the vines are being disturbed as little as possible and in the cellar they work without any oenological products, so as not to change the natural taste of the wines.


Their Pinot Noir sur Schist is a single vinyeard expression of th effect Schist bedrock has on Pinot Noir from this region.  Less bright than the Pinot Noir Nature this cuvee has a deep textural quality with earthy richness that makes for an elegant and refined wine. 

Durrmann - Pinot Noir sur Schist 2020


    Name Pinot Noir Nature
    Producer Durmann
    Style Red
    Country France
    Region Alsace
    Vintage 2020
    Grape Pinot Noir
    ABV % 13
    SO2 None added.
    Production Natural fermentation. Vegan. Organic. Unfined. unfiltered.