Saison Fourage is a series of mixed fermentation beers from Yonder Brewery in Somerset. Each beer in the series is infused with a single wild ingredient, which has been foraged by hand in the UK.


The first in this series for 2020 is infused with Magnolia Petals, giving this saison beer a hint of something floral and lightly spicy. Paired with wild yeast too and this is both an exciting and seriously drinkable beer!



Yonder - Saison Fourage Magnolia 75cl

  • Name Saison Fourage Magnolia 75cl
    Producer Yonder Brewing & Blending
    Style Mixed-fermentation Magnolia Saison
    Country UK
    Region Somerset
    Vintage 2020
    ABV % 6.7
    Yeast Combination of house-cultured yeast and wild yeast.
    Hops Various UK-grown hops
    Production Vegan. Unfiltered. Brewed with locally-foraged magnolia petals.
    Allergens Barley
    Tasting notes Tart + Juicy + Quaffable