Saison Fourage is a series of mixed fermentation beers from Yonder Brewery in Somerset. Each beer in the series is infused with a single wild ingredient, which has been foraged by hand in the UK.


This one is infused with Sweet Woodruff, native to the UK but also widely used in beermaking  to flavour the German Berliner Weiss. Expect sweet herbal flavours like fresh hay, with notes of vanilla & honey. 



Yonder - Saison Fourage Woodruff 75cl

  • Name Saison Fourage Woodruff 75cl
    Producer Yonder Brewing & Blending
    Bottle Size 75cl
    Style Mixed-fermentation Woodruff Saison
    Country UK
    Region Somerset
    Vintage 2020
    ABV % 6.7
    Yeast Combination of house-cultured yeast and wild yeast.
    Hops Various UK-grown hops
    Production Vegan. Unfiltered. Brewed with locally-foraged woodruff petals.
    Allergens Barley
    Tasting notes Herbal + Subtly sweet + Fresh