Sinodun Hill is made by Rachel Yarrow and Fraser Norton at Earth Trust, a charity farm in South Oxfordshire. They use a traditional method of slow lactic coagulation for this cheese, then ageing it for about 3 weeks for the flavours to develop. It has a delicate rind and a light texture, with a fresh & tangy, sometimes citrusy flavour.


**This cheese intentionally has a very thin mould rind. Because of this, wild moulds- spots of blue, green and grey moulds, often develop on the surface during maturation.These are especially noticeable at present. They are perfectly safe to eat and do not negatively affect the flavour of the cheese. **

Sinodun Hill

  • Name Sinodun Hill
    Producer Earth Trust
    Region South Oxfordshire, UK
    Style Soft cheese
    Size Approx. 200g
    Milk Raw goat's milk
    Rennet Vegetarian rennet
    Tasting notes Yoghurty + Light + Smooth