Polly Hilton set up Find & Foster to revive neglected traditional apple orchards in Devon, helping preserve wildlife & biodiversity, and to protect old local apple varieties from extinction. Her ciders are a true expression of these unique varietals and the terroir in these orchards.


Snicket was made from a blend of local apple varieties from orchards in Rewe and Huxham. It was fermented with the skins of particularly aromatic, yellow apples and then bottled just before the end of fermentation for a Pet Nat style. None of the varietals used could be identified, but from early on it tasted lemony, hence the name! This is the perfect summer cider - fresh & clean with lovely, fine bubbles. 

Find & Foster - Snicket 2019

  • Name Snicket
    Producer Find & Foster
    Style Sparkling (Pet Nat) Cider
    Country UK
    Region Devon, Exe Valley.
    Vintage 2019
    Varieties Blend of heritage & forgotten local apple varieties
    ABV % 6
    SO2 None added.
    Production Natural. Vegan. Skin macerated. Unfined & Unfiltered. Naturally Sparkling
    Tasting notes Dry + Fresh + Lemony