St Jude is made by Julie Cheyney at Fen farm in Suffolk. Collaborating with the Crickmore family (who make the Baron Bigod cheese) she uses milk from their Montbeliarde cowns and makes her cheese on their farm. She uses the raw milk in the morning, still warm from the milking. This helps create the most luxurious texture & taste in this beautiful cheese - fluffy & light when young, and then increasingly silky & oozy as it matures. One of our absolute favourites!


**This cheese intentionally has a very thin mould rind. Because of this, wild moulds- spots of blue, green and grey moulds, often develop on the surface during maturation. These are especially noticeable at present. They are perfectly safe to eat and do not negatively affect the flavour of the cheese. **

St Jude

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  • Name St Jude
    Producer Julie Cheyney at Fen Farm Dairy
    Region Bungay, Suffolk
    Style Soft cheese
    Milk Raw cows milk
    Rennet Traditional animal rennet
    Size Approx. 100g
    Tasting notes Buttery + Grassy + Savoury
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