Andrew and Sally are reviving farmhouse Wensleydale production on their remote farm in Yorkshire. They have used old recipes & interviews with a 101-year old local cheese maker to help them achieve something true to what was once produced here. They are considering their environment at every level, working to champion not just cultural heritage, but sustainability, conservation & biodiversity too. The aim here is to produce something that truly expresses the farm & place it comes from - a cheese with 'terroir'. 


The milk comes from their herd of just fifteen Northern Dairy Shorthorn cows, a rare breed native to the Yorkshire Dales (and near extinction.) The cows are almost entirely pasture-fed, giving the cheese a soft texture. It is rich & buttery with a lingering flavour. 

Stonebeck Wensleydale

  • Name Stonebeck
    Producer The Hattan Family
    Region Nidderdale, Yorkshire
    Style Cloth bound semi-hard cheese
    Milk Raw cows milk
    Rennet Traditional animal rennet
    Tasting notes Creamy + Buttery + Lingering
  • Local delivery is available in the Exeter area but please note we cannot currently ship cheese across the UK.