The western highlands province is centrally located in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. It’s volcanic soils make the ground highly fertile, but high value specialty coffee is still a new concept in the region.  


The owner and operator of Grass Roots mill is Paul Pora. He has a degree in agriculture and a clear goal to improve the quality of the coffee from the farmers he works with. He’s going back to basics, with a push on ripe cherry-picking and proper storage for processed coffee.


They even keep dry milled coffee in the highlands until shipment, because it’s less humid and preserves quality.


These retail packs from Yallah can now be recycled and are fully compostable too!

Yallah coffee beans - EXPLORE - Grass Roots PNG 250g

  • Producer Paul Pora, Grass Roots Wet Mill
    Origin Kuli Gap, Western Highlands
    Processing Natural
    Roaster Yallah Coffee, Cornwall
    Roasting profile Medium roast
    Tasting notes Boozy + Dense + Tropical Fruit 
    Packet details Whole beans 250g