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Our wines & ciders come from small producers in the UK, Europe & beyond. They are naturally fermented - that means no added lab grown yeast but instead letting the native yeast on the grapes do the work. (with the exception of champagne styles, where the secondary fermentation uses added yeast while the first is natural) They are made without chemical intervention or additives, and are vegan friendly. If sulphites are used, they are kept to a minimum, but many of our winemakers use none at all.

Our cheeses come from small producers all around Britain & Ireland. Handmade using traditional methods - most of our cheesemakers use raw milk from their own herd, or from a neighbouring farm. We like to support small scale farmers who care for their environment and their animals.

We are passionate about sustainable farming and promoting soil health & biodiversity. We like to support producers who feel the same and work like this, whether they are certified or not. 

If you are interested in knowing more about natural wine, there is a good video here which will give you a good overview. You'll get some insight into the natural wine industry, and by contrast, some information about what would typically go into conventional wine.

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