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New cidermakers Tom & Lydia are committed environmentalists and passionate about making natural cider completely without additives. They live in the Golden Valley, just outside Hay-on-Wye on the Welsh border, where they grow all their own food according to permaculture principles, and are currently in the process of planting their own orchard. While the orchard is growing they source all their fruit from unsprayed traditional orchards in their local area.


A cider dedicated to the qualities of the special Knotted Kernel variety of apple.  Once thought a lost variety it was rediscovered growing in New Zealand in the 1980s. HOWEVER Lydia and Tom proved this wrong by discovering  a few 60 year old trees surviving in one of their orchards. A special little apple - about the size of a large cherry - and ruby red in colour it produces a charming aroma in the cider that reminds us of Petrichor (the smell of rain hitting the earth).  Mixed with Yarlington Mill and Kingston Black it brings out a marzipan and spice flavour with a touch of smokiness.  

Artistraw - She Loves Shrew (Yeah Yeah Yeah) 2021


6 Bottles 10% Off

  • Name She Loves Shrew (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
    Producer Artistraw
    Style Medium Perlant Cider 
    Country UK
    Region Cidery - Clifford, Herefordshire. 
    Vintage 2021
    Varieties Mostly Knotted Kernel with Kingston Black and Yarlington Mill. 
    ABV % 6
    SO2 None added
    Production Unsprayed, traditional standard orchards. Natural fermentation. Unfined. Unfiltered. Unpasteurised.  Vegan. Naturally sparkling.
    Tasting notes Petrichor + Lemon + Spice
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