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The only Brie style cheese you need this side of the channel! Baron Bigod is made by Jonny Crickmore and his team on Fen Farm in Suffolk. Made with raw milk from their herd of Montebeliarde cows, to a Brie de Meaux style recipe, it's the only one made like this in the UK. 


It has a crumbly texture in the middle when young, with increasingly silky breakdown at the rind. When perfectly ripe it is creamy & smooth with characteristic earthy & mushroomy flavours.

Baron Bigod

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  • Name Baron Bigon
    Producer Fen Farm Dairy
    Region Suffolk, UK
    Style Brie style soft cheese
    Milk Raw cow's milk
    Rennet Traditional animal rennet
    Tasting notes Creamy + Mushroomy + Earthy
  • Local delivery is available in the Exeter area but please note we cannot currently ship cheese across the UK.

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