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A soft and smooth goat's cheese with a delicate rind. Made gently by hand from raw milk and aged for about 3 weeks, during which time blue & green flecks appear on the surface. The style is reminiscent of a lactic goat's cheese from the Loire in France, silky smooth with complex herbaceous & nutty flavours when fully mature.


Martin and Nicola Gott use a non-intensive method of farming: the sheep and goats graze the rich fields of the Holker Estate and are only milked once a day, making for a less-stressed animal and great quality milk. Martin propagates his own starter cultures rather than buying them in - a very rare thing nowadays!


  • Name Ingot
    Producer Martin Gott
    Region Cartmel, Cumbria
    Style Soft goat's cheese
    Size Approx. 180g
    Milk Raw goat's milk
    Rennet Traditional animal rennet
    Tasting notes Smooth + Rich + Herbacious
  • Local delivery is available in the Exeter area but please note we cannot currently ship cheese across the UK.

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