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Made by new cheesemakers Martin Tkalez - a former cheese monger - and Hazel Akehurst. Martin and Hazel buy in cow's milk from an organic farm neighbouring them in East Sussex, and make their cheese by hand in small batches. The herd of British Friesian and Ayrshire cows graze on the Pevensey Levels which gives this cheese its name.

This is a soft blue cheese developed in the style of a Gorgonzola. It is sweet and nutty, rich and creamy! 

Pevensey Blue

  • Name Pevensey Blue
    Producer Pevensey Cheese Company
    Region East Sussex
    Style Blue Cheese
    Milk Pasteurised cows milk
    Rennet Traditional animal rennet
    Tasting notes Creamy + Sweet + Nutty
  • Local delivery is available in the Exeter area but please note we cannot currently ship cheese across the UK.

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