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Sometimes wineries fall into the trap of repetition and feeling the need to 'keep on brand' stylistically - sometimes the next generation is coming through and needs a release valve from being under the parents' business control and sometimes winemakers just need a push to release their creativity when they doubt themselves.  Thus Troupe was born.  


Working alongside winemakers Nick Jones goes in and digs around in the cellar to find a barrel that sparks an interest - something delicious that for whatever reason the winery doesnt think it can release.  Nick then brands and releases these wines under the Troupe label.  Always delicious, always super limited releases. 


The 2nd Troupe release is from Martin Diwald in Wagram, Austria.  A skin contact blend of Sauvignon Blanc, gruner Veltliner and Riesling - this is an orange wine with a touch of class.  Abeautifully ddep an textural wine that is one to savour. 

Troupe presents Martin Diwald - Welcome to the Jungle2022


6 Bottles 10% Off

  • Name Welcome to the Jungle
    Producer Martni Diwald/Troupe
    Style White (Skin Contact)
    Country Austria
    Region Wagram
    Vintage 2022
    Grape 50% Sauvignon Blanc, 25% Gruner Veltliner & 25% Riesling 
    ABV % 12
    SO2 Minimal at bottling
    Production Natural fermentation. Organic.  Vegan.  Unfined.  Unfiltered. Skin Contact
    Notes Peach  + Iced Tea  + Texturally deep
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