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Join us for our latest monthly wine tasting, where we open a range of bottles to explore a region, style or theme. We'll introduce 5 wines, taste and chat about them together. Some cheese & snacks will be provided, too. The tasting will typically take about 1.5 hours. After the tasting you're welcome to stay for more drinks & nibbles if you'd like (closing 10pm).


For our July wine tasting we have invited Daniel Ham from Offbeat Wines to pour for us. Those of you that know us know we love Dan's wines and consider him one of - if not the best winemaker working in the UK at the moment. 


Offbeat Wines was born in 2018 as a side project to Dan's main work as head winemaker at Langham Winery in Dorset (those awards they won were with Dan's wines!).  In 2020 Dan and his partner Nic set up Offbeat officially in its own cellar on Botley Farm in Salisbury, home to the newly planted vineyards of Domaine Hugo creating a wonderful partnership between Dan and Hugo for these new truly special UK wines.


Dan and Nic continue to work negociant style for Offbeat Wines sourcing some of the best organically grown fruit from Essex and the South West. Always natural, always delicious, never any added sulphite, simply stunning drinks!

Wine Tasting - Meet the Maker - Offbeat Wines 7th July 6.30pm

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  • Tickets are non-refundable 48 hours before the event. Ticket holders must be 18 or over. Please note space is limited and social distancing will not be possible. 

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