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Reassessing Barossa with Tom from Substrata Wines


Wine Tasting - Friday 28th June 2024 6.30pm £25pp


Many wine lovers who travel to Australia are impressed by the unpretentious wine culture, and the preponderance of innovative wines from small independent wineries.

These wines all too rarely make it to the UK, so we are delighted to present an evening of wine from biodynamic producers, Smallfry Wines.

Barossa is one of Australia’s most venerable wine regions. Far from being a ‘New World’ region, it has one of the highest concentrations of old vines anywhere in the world. South Australia is one of very few wine regions that remain phylloxera free. Well known for its heavyweight Shiraz and Grenache we will be looking at it from a lighter side as Small Fry producers, Wayne and Suzi are known as ‘the early guys’ locally often harvesting a fortnight before their neighbours, to keep their wines fresh and vibrant, and their abvs lower.


Our tastings are relaxed group events where we open a range of wines or ciders to explore a theme, region or style. We usually taste 5-6 bottles, with some snacks available too. The tasting itself will typically take about 1.5 hours, with questions afterwards. After the tasting you're welcome to stay for more chat, drinks & nibbles if you'd like (closing 10pm).

Wine Tasting - Reassessing Barossa with Substrata Wines Friday 28th June 6.30pm

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  • Tickets are non-refundable 48 hours before the event. Ticket holders must be 18 or over. Please note space is limited and social distancing will not be possible. Our door will be open for ventilation during this event.

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